License & Terms

Each item available from Animaticons, whether free or purchased, is subject to the following license:

What you can do:

  1. You can use the item in any personal or commercial work.
  2. There is no limit to the number of times you can use an item.
  3. There is no limit to how long you can use an item.
  4. You can modify, manipulate, and make derivative works of the item. The derivative items are subject to this license.

What you cannot do:

  1. You cannot sell, sublicense, rent, distribute or otherwise grant rights or make available for use by others any part of the item, including modifications or derivative works.
  2. You cannot use the item in any application allowing an end user to customize a digital or physical product to their specific needs, such as an “print on demand”, “made to order” or “build it yourself” application.
  3. You cannot post any items on any electronic bulletin board, FTP, or file sharing programs.
  4. You may not use this item as part of a trademark, service mark, logo or app icon.
  5. You cannot make claim to copyright, title, or intellectual property for any part of the item.
  6. You cannot use the item in any pornographic, fraudulent, obscene, immoral, infringing, illegal, blasphemous or defamatory material.

Unauthorized use results in the immediate termination of this license. If terminated, you must stop using the item immediately and remove it from any end products. The author of the item retains ownership of the item but grants you the license on these terms.


No refund will be offered for items once sold because they are digital files, non-tangible irrevocable goods. We do not issue refunds once the order is complete and the product is sent. Files can be replaced if damaged or lost. Email support[at] with the email you used during purchase if you have lost your files or you could not download them.

We don’t guarantee that our products are compatible with any third-party programs and we do not provide support for third-party applications.